Sorry I have been MIA

Hey friends and followers! So sorry I have been MIA lately. Something big and exciting has happened, my friends and I have started our own design, printing and mailing business!

About two months ago I got let go from my job of almost 8 years. When I left, I had been running the company for almost three years. After my last day, I decided to take my knowledge, and use it to start up my own venture. My two friends, who I had worked with, joined up with me and now we gather together Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm in my spare room, and do our thing. We’ve been designing and print brokering since the end of July, and even though the company isn’t profitable at all yet (all profits are going back into the company at this point), and we are all a bit money stressed, I’ve never been happier with life.

Starting my own business is something I’ve wanted to do for years now, but have never had the guts to just quit my job and start. I’ve also never wanted to do it 100% all on my own. After I got let go, Tammy and Aleksandra were left in horrible, stressful conditions at the office, it drove them to the breaking point where they had no other choice but to quit. So the three of us got together and started up Simply Print!


11751443_886654528056065_4104450004910059854_nNow that I’ve gotten the taste of the sweet life, its very obvious that self employment is the only way to go! I don’t have to answer to “The Man!” I get to wake up at 8:30 most mornings, and stroll into my spare room (sometimes even stay in my pjs for a little bit) and work with two of my closest friends. We get to choose which jobs we want to take, and choose the pricing we want. Not only do I actually get a lunch break, but I get to watch netflix on my lunch break in my living room with my friends. I can make my own schedule (for the most part), and if I’m not inspired at 9am for a design, I can wait and do it later on in the day, or even at 10:00 at night (provided it’s not a rush job). I get to play with my cats all day and listen to whatever music I want while I work. I can take vacations without worrying about my boss denying my request, and if I have to work at all while I’m on my vacation, it’s because I know that I have to and not because my boss is making me. If we know it’s going to be a long night, or a busy weekend, we’ll order pizza, put on a movie and make the best of it. The money we make as a company is our own, and we know IMG_4421that we’re not busting our asses so that our boss can afford to have his kids on payroll, or pay off his new vacation home mortgage. We each have equal share in the company, and each know what has to be done every day to get the work done, and make our clients happy. We can sit and gossip about last night’s Game of Throne’s episode without getting bitched at to get back to work, and we can take a 10 minute shit without having to write it down on a time card (this isn’t a joke).

I once read somewhere that 80% of people hate their jobs, and we spend about 1/3 of our lives working our jobs. I don’t want to be miserable for 1/3 of my life.

1898282_894570577264460_3280358999698470792_n (1)With all that being said, the girls and I have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to try and raise the money we need for start up costs. ANYTHING you can do will help! Even if you can’t donate, you can help us by liking our page on Facebook, sharing our page, sharing our campaign, or if you have any printing or design work you need done, let us know! (You can email me


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2 thoughts on “Sorry I have been MIA

  1. Dude this is awesome! Reading this is so inspirational and I am so happy for you three. I would love to start a business with my closest girl friends but we all have different interests that I don’t think it would work 🙁 I do have a question though, because I would one day like to start my own business, if the money you are making is going back to the business how do you pay for the bills? This is one thing that totally scares me since I know in the beginning I’m going to have to spend a lot of my money on investments for my business, and then any money I make will go back to that. I have no idea how I’m supposed to pay the bills. Guess I’ll have to save a good one million dollars first haha joke. 😉 But anyways, best of luck!! 🙂

    Jessica |

    Posted on August 15, 2015 at 1:43 pm
  2. Thanks Jessica! Right now my husband is mostly the only one making the money to pay the bills. So money is realllyy tight. I had to cut a few of the things we paid for monthly (like Hulu and my Loot Crate subscription – kept Netflix though, lol), and we’ve done a few other things to cut costs (like cooking instead of eating out- like I read in your blog, meal planning works!). I was lucky enough to get 1 month’s severance when I was let go, so I used that to pay off 3 months worth of car payments. And I’m trying to get unemployment (since I was let go), but that’s becoming a problem since my previous employer is trying to contest it. But yeah, that was the one thing that kept me from getting this going a long time ago, paying the bills. I will say that it’s amazing how much you can stretch a dollar if you have to.

    Posted on August 17, 2015 at 11:57 am